We Walk Among You

We Walk Among You

Top 10 Production in Montreal Fringe 2013

“One of the best things I’ve seen in a long time. If you get to see We Walk Among You, if they tour it somewhere else, do so!”
-Jian Ghomeshi – CBC’s Q with Jian Ghomeshi

“We Walk Among You by the Artichoke Heart Collective was outstanding. It was incredibly inventive, with amazing puppets and skilled puppeteers. The show took me into another world, a dark and imaginative place with its own rules. I was surprised by the pathway of the story, and emotionally stirred by sticks, plastic bags and stick-on eyes. I am eagerly awaiting the next production by the Artichoke Heart Collective.”
-Allison Burns- bloodyunderrated.net

“Get past your preconceived notions about puppets.  Puppets can be as real and as emotionally evocative as any human being, with a rich inner tapestry of complicated motivations like jealousy and ambition.”

-Rachel Levine – CultMTL

“Holy fucking shit mind blown again: We Walk Among You was disarmingly moving! Beautiful dark and sweet all at once GO SEE IT!”
-@9to5cc –http://9to5.cc/


Mainline Theatre (Montreal November 13th – November 23th)
Co-Produced by Beyond the Mountain and Artichoke Heart

SAT @2:00PM and 8:00PM

This presentation is possible in part due to the financial support of Mainline Theatre

We Walk Among You Montreal 2013


April 26-30, 2011 – The Backspace Project (Humber Theatre/Theatre Passe Muraille)
June 5, 2011 – Fresh Ideas in Puppetry Festival (Puppetmongers)
March 10, 2012 – Trois Jours de Casteliers International Puppetry Festival (Montreal)
April 2012/2013– Cahoots Theatre’s Playwrights’ HotHouse
June 14-22, 2013– Montreal Fringe Festival
October 2-12, 2014–Tarragon Extra Space

Montreal Fringe (2013)

We Walk Among You (2013)

Poster Design by Ian Sinclair

In 2013, Artichoke Heart Collective brought We Walk Among You to the Montreal Fringe. After months of development, late night debates and long rehearsals We Walk Among You was expanded into an hour long piece, the first full length show by the ‘chokes. Artichoke had a very successful run, receiving rave reviews and being named on of the Top Ten of the Montreal Fringe.

Tijiki Morris – Director
Michelle Urbano – Producer
Andrew Young – Assistant Director
Michelle Bensimon –Sound Designer
Flavia Hevia –Set Designer
Alexandra Barberena, Alexis Budd – Foley Artist
Kira Hall, Talia DelCogliano, Stephanie Seaton, Angélique Millar,
David Chinchilla, Aisha Bentham, & Michelle Urbano   – Puppeteers
Kristina Abbondanza – Stage Manager
Anita Nittoly – Fight Choreographer
Chantal M. Skrynski –Puppet Builder

Les Trois Jours de Casteliers International Puppetry Festival (2012)

Shortly after performing at Fresh Ideas, Artichoke was invite to perform in Montreal as part of the Les Trois Jours de Casteliers International Puppetry Festival. (The only Toronto based Company to be invited by the way!)

We Walk Among You

Performers: Talia DelCogliano, Tijiki Morris, Tony Ofori, Michelle Urbano, Andrew Young
Director: Tijiki Morris
Foley Artists: Alexandra Barberena , Alexis Budd
Composition: Michelle Bensimon
Dramaturg: Nina Lee Aquino

Puppetmongers’ Fresh Ideas in Puppetry Festival (2011)

Condensed and reworked, Artichoke took the stage again in the evening Cabaret portion of Puppetmongers’ Fresh Ideas In Puppetry Festival.


 Performers: Tony Ofori, Josh Reaume, Michelle Urbano, Kevin White, Andrew Young
Director: Tijiki Morris
Foley Artists: Michelle Bensimon, Alexis Budd
Composition: Mario Mabrucco
Dramaturg: Nina Lee Aquino

The Backspace Project (2011)



Humber Theatre and Chameleon Co-Op present The Backspace Project, fittingly performed in Theatre Passe Muraille’s Backspace this April. We Walk Among You explores the theme of monsters through the medium of puppetry.

Performers: Talia DelCogliano, Tony Ofori, Josh Reaume, Jason Siks, Michelle Urbano
Director: Tijiki Morris
Foley Artists: Michelle Bensimon, Alexis Budd
Composition: Michelle Bensimon, Michelle Urbano
Puppet Builders: Talia DelCogliano, Jung Yeon Ji, Mary Keenan, Tijiki Morris, Tony Ofori, Josh Reaume, Dave Sansom, Jason Siks, Michelle Urbano, Christopher Whitlock


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