Artichoke Heart in association with the Toronto Fringe Festival presents


A new puppetry piece inspired by the tension between biological impulses and the rigidity of the clock. Set in a world where mechanical time appears to govern every breath, a young girl explores beyond the city boundaries and comes upon a group of rebels uncovering a dark secret hiding within the clocktower.  In this piece that investigates our relationship with time, the characters struggle between keeping their dreams alive and the inevitability of death.

This story is told without formal language. Movement, music and sound carry the narrative.

NOW’s annual list of Fringe highlights : Outstanding Ensemble,  Outstanding Production, Outstanding Design,  and Outstanding Puppetry

“The imagery and masterful puppetry is worth admission alone.”
“…a work of found-object puppetry that constantly surprises…”
Review By Jon Kaplan NOW Rating: NNNN
“…Cirqular was definitely like nothing I’d ever seen before”
“With their stunning hand-made puppets and the endearingly brilliant physical and vocal efforts of the cast, the collective has done what writers everywhere intend to do all the time:  They’ve given insight, given a new way in to an often overlooked perspective.”
newborn theatre

  Poster by Marcus Sampaio "Heart design by Kimberly Hart of Monster Kookies -"

Poster by Marcus Sampaio
Heart design by Kimberly Hart of Monster Kookies

By: Artichoke Heart
Director: Tijiki Morris
Concebt by: Michelle Urbano, Tijiki Morris
Sound & Lighting Designer: Sam Bergmann-Good
Cast: Aisha Bentham, Talia DelCogliano, Michelle Urbano
Stage Manger: Kristina Abbondanza

At the Tarragon Extraspace

show times
July 03 at 11:00 PM
July 05 at 05:15 PM
July 06 at 08:45 PM
July 08 at 01:15 PM
July 09 at 03:30 PM
July 10 at 09:15 PM
July 13 at 01:45 PM

Show length: 50min.


Cirqular - AHC - 1Cirqular - AHC - 2

Cirqular - AHC - 3*Photos By David Chinchilla


Cirqular was developed while in residency with Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia with the aid of the Ontario Arts Council through the Theatre Creators’ Reserve program.  It began as an exploration of the conflict between our experience of biological time and mechanical time.  Through the use of found objects and improvisations, the characters and the story was born.  This will be Artichoke Heart’s second full-length show, following last year’s successful run of We Walk Among You at the Montreal Fringe.





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