Feedback from our Montreal Audience


We have been asking audience members to share their thoughts and feelings about the show and the posts are pouring in!

“No words can describe the amazing non-verbal journey of loss, grief, life, and the lengths we go for the ones we love! Artichoke Heart truly masters the essence of puppetry in one wonder-filled-roller-coaster-of-emotions hour. GO SEE THIS! NOW!” – Laurent M. Pitre

“Maaaan, this was good!” – Nic Turcotte

“Had a great time at the opening of We Walk Among You at @mainlinetheatre tonight! Don’t miss this fantastical show” -Linnea Gwiazda

“Just saw We Walk Among You from @ArtichokeHeartC. Unbelievable work….mesmerizing, heart wrenching, heartwarming and hilarious” – Julie Foster

“Théâtre d’objet de marionnettes et d’instrument.  ****
Ne croyez pas que c’est pour les tout petits (il n’y en avait pas d’ailleurs dans la salle). Si vous avez aimé UBU SUR LA TABLE ou d’autres pièces du genre, vous allez sûrement apprécier celle-ci. C’est inventif, créatif, drôle et on se laisse prendre au jeu par l’histoire. Il y a tout de même 6 personnes pour manipuler tout le matériel. À voir.” -Denis B.

(for the English speakers: “Object theatre with puppets and instruments. ****  This show is not for the little ones (there weren’t any in the theatre).  If you liked UBU SUR LA TABLE or other pieces of this genre, you’ll definitely appreciate this one.  It’s inventive, creative, funny and you allow yourself to suspend your disbelief for the story.  There are 6 people for the manipulation of all the materials.  A must see.” – Denis B.)

What did YOU think of the show?  Put your thoughts in the comments!


About Artichoke Heart

Artichoke Heart is an object theatre company formed in 2010 by Humber Theatre graduates Michelle Urbano and Tijiki Morris to create original works that explore our primal humanity. We are interested in what base emotions, drives, thoughts exist within us all – what connects us to one another at our core.

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