First Review is Out… (and she’s a beaut!)

Mooney on Theatre’s review of We Walk Among You came out last night and has made our entire team giddy!

Photo Credit: Arman Bahreini

Here are some of our favourite quotes:

– They might be “just” puppets, but they evoke intense emotions and vivid memories.

– Speaking of sound, Michelle Bensimon has done an amazing job as sound designer and composer. Her soundscapes set the mood, filling the theatre with intrigue and allowing our imaginations to run wild. The sounds made by the puppeteers were equally evocative.

– The climax of the play is something that one needs to see to believe, and I strongly encourage you to see We Walk Among You. In fact, I really want to go back again.

– It’s rare that a play has such a positive effect, which is an indication that We Walk Among You is something very special.

Full review can be found here:



About Artichoke Heart

Artichoke Heart is an object theatre company formed in 2010 by Humber Theatre graduates Michelle Urbano and Tijiki Morris to create original works that explore our primal humanity. We are interested in what base emotions, drives, thoughts exist within us all – what connects us to one another at our core.

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