Artist Spotlight: Kristina Abbondanza

Today is load-in day at the Tarragon Theatre!  This means a lot of hard work is being done by a lot of dedicated, strong, brilliant minds and bodies.  It is fitting, then, that today we feature the load-in queen – our unbelievable Production Stage Manager Kristina!

Kristina Abbondanza Kristina Abbondanza

Kristina, a graduate from Humber Theatre’s Performance Program, works as a Stage Manager and Producer in Toronto. Upon graduating, Kristina, along with and two colleagues, founded Go Play Producing a company designed to support work throughout the city, not bound by form or content, but by a mutual desire to tell stories.

Past Stage Management Credits: That Boob Show (CodeWhite Theatre), We Walk Among You (Artichoke Heart), History of Battle (My Brother the Changeling), Othello (Go Play Producing), A Wake for Lost Time (TPM/Elephants in the Room Creation Group), Paleoncology (Moon Dinosaur Theatre), cirqular (Artichoke Heart).


1. What excites you about this project?

Working with Artichoke Heart is always a treat, but We Walk Among You is especially special. The wordless storytelling is amazing and I am constantly surprised by how specific and honest we can be, as individuals, through our actions and sounds. I love watching the puppeteers find new ways to communicate with the puppets.

Also, the Design Team of Michelle, Flavia, Jen and Sam. They are an amazing and talented group of artists. Being able to work with each of them is a pleasure.

2. What else are you working on at the moment, or have coming up? 

Currently I am working with another collective called Elephants In The Room, which is showing the second version of their 24-Hour show, “A Wake For Lost Time” at Hub-14.

3. Who is your favourite WWAY character?

The Biombo.

4. What do you do when you aren’t doing theatre?

Cook and watch way too much reality tv.

5. Which Muppet would play you in the Muppet movie version of your life?

Either Beauregard (mainly for his job) or Rowlf the Dog (mainly for his hair).


Check out Kristina work her magic in the booth this week when We Walk Among You has its Toronto premiere at the Tarragon Theatre!

TUE//WED//THU @ 8:00PM – $20
FRI//SAT @ 8:00PM – $25
SUN @ 2:30PM – $15



About Artichoke Heart

Artichoke Heart is an object theatre company formed in 2010 by Humber Theatre graduates Michelle Urbano and Tijiki Morris to create original works that explore our primal humanity. We are interested in what base emotions, drives, thoughts exist within us all – what connects us to one another at our core.

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