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 We Walk Among You

MainLine Theatre | November 13-23
3997 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montréal

*This presentation is possible in part due to the financial support of Mainline Theatre

We Walk Among You 2014

Photo Credit: Arman

“…Mind-Blowing…”-George Perry –Mooney On Theatre
“…outstanding…”Allison Burns-
“…disarmingly moving”-@9to5cc –

After a successful run in the 2013 Montreal Fringe festival, and recent outstanding run in Toronto (Oct 2-12th) in 2014, Artichoke Heart  is thrilled to return to Montreal.  Artichoke Heart will be bringing “We Walk Among You” back to the Montreal. This time preforming for two weeks at the MainLine Theatre, November 13-23 (Co-Produced by Beyond the Mountain and Artichoke Heart)

This dark tale follows a doctor who will stop at nothing to revive his son. He is performing questionable experiments in an abandoned hospital where the only real “patient” is his wife. Unable to deal with the death of her son and, being a threat to herself and others, the doctor keeps her locked in a cell. A creature from the outside world enters the hospital and is discovered to be the missing piece to the doctor’s experiments. However, its presence begins a chain of events that take the story in a direction even the omnipotent doctor could not foresee.

SAT NOV 15th // 22ND @ 2:00PM 


Générale / Regular : 15.00$
Seniors / Students : 12.00$

“Get past your preconceived notions about puppets.  Puppets can be as real and as emotionally evocative as any human being, with a rich inner tapestry of complicated motivations like jealousy and ambition.”
-Rachel Levine – CultMTL

“We Walk Among You was outstanding. It was incredibly inventive, with amazing puppets and skilled puppeteers.”
-Allison Burns-

“Mind-Blowing…It’s rare that a play has such a positive effect, which is an indication that We Walk Among You is something very special”
-George Perry –Mooney On Theatre

“…very thought-provoking, with all of its dark themes of life, death, innocence and obsession.”
-Jonathan ZagrodnikThe Theatre Reader

“One of the most emotive, and beautifully executed theatre pieces I’ve ever seen. This is a show to make your heart burst—as scary as it is beautiful, its hard to describe the emotional strength of the at times tragically dark, at times lightly comedic, but ultimately stunning show.”
-Thea Fitz-James- My Entertainment World

We Walk Among You

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Saturday, November 15 – 10:30am


This short shadow puppetry piece explores the theme of dreams.  Adventure with us as we explore the depths of our inner light/darkness through this wordless storytelling, using found objects to create characters and environment.  Shadow puppetry workshop to follow.

Part of Centaur Theatre’s Saturday Morning’s Children Series

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